Friday, 23 January 2009

Neo Mango Sticky Rice Pudding

This was something I made just a day before I left Sydney in showing my gratitude to all those who have made me snacks and biscuits towards the end of my stay at Sydney. Ever since, I have just turned extremely lazy and hence the extremely late post of this attempt. Anyway, this time I attempted to give a new definition to the renown Thai Mango Sticky Rice dessert (also known in Thai as Khao Niaow Ma Muang). The new ideas I injected into my attempt includes making the traditionally glutinous rice base into cute little rice balls, some home-made crushed peanut paste as the filling, and topped with a couple pieces of mango, courtesy of Connie and Cathy as a token for helping them carry their tables some time earlier, luckily the mangoes remained as nice, in fact I think sitting a couple of weeks in the fridge actually made them really ripe and tastier than they were before.

As for the recipe, the fundamental ingredients are basically similar to any mango sticky rice pudding recipes that you will find on the Internet, it is really much more about repacking it with some inserts of new elements. The recipe is foolproof and hence I don't see why anyone won't like this dessert, its easy to make and tastes really good!


250 gms Glutinous (Sticky) Rice
2 Mangoes (Skinned and cut into about 2cm cubes, chilled)
100 ml Water
1000 ml Coconut Milk
150 gms packed Brown Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt
Zest of 1 Lime
Crushed Peanut Paste (Self made)


1. Soak the glutinous rice in some water overnight. This will make the sticky rice easier to cook.
2. Cook the rice with a rice cooker (as you would cook any rice), shift cooked glutinous rice into a big pot, pour in 500ml of coconut milk, mix well and cover with lid and leave to rest for 30 minutes or more.

3. Mould the cooked glutinous rice into 5cm diameter rice balls with your hands.

4. Poke a hole into the rice balls and fill up with crushed peanut paste.

5. Into a sauce-pan, put the water, sugar , bring to the boil. The sugar and salt should dissolve completely. Add in the coconut milk and salt, bring to almost boil, turn to low heat and cook it for another 5 minutes or until the the coconut milk starts to thicken up (Add rice flour or corn starch water for an even thicker consistency). Allow to cool before use.

6. Top the glutinous rice balls with a couple of mango cubes.

7. Drizzle the cooked sweet coconut milk mixture generously on the glutinous rice balls, add some lime zest for garnishing and a bit of 'tangy' punch. Done!

I personally liked the addition of the crushed peanut paste as it added another layer of taste to the dessert, it might not be everyone's cup of tea though, hope you like it anyway! Enjoy!


tigerfish said...

That looks good!

The ArchiCook said...

It tastes good too! Haha

Anonymous said...

Yes. I tried it. It tastes good!


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